I'm a builder at heart, with a passion for turning ideas into reality. I'm driven by a desire to solve real-world problems leveraging technology. Early on, I noticed that this could be a powerful tool for change. Determined to acquire the skills to bring my ideas to life, I began my education in design while I built on my tech foundation as a self-taught developer.

I have no shame to say that I learn from my failures, and I'd rather do than over plan. With an endless supply of curiosity fueled by my inspirations, I thrive on rapid iteration and fearless pivoting—key traits that keep my approach fresh and responsive in the fast-paced tech landscape.

I’m the guy passionate about taking ideas from 0 to 1, and I’m always building something new with long-term partners. If you are intrigued by these principles, let’s connect ;)

People are my core.

I grow with relationships that compound over time.

Mônica Vidal
Júlio César
Kaio Freitas
Jasmine Krause
Fernanda Onófrio
Marcos Costa
Paulo Neto
Valdeir Júnior
Benoit Rigal
André Lima
Bruno Soares
Bruno Passos
Naasson Lemos
Thomas Brodin
Arthur Regis
Maycol Douglas
Igor Trindade
Mike Savacool
Daniel Couto
Derek Arndt
Marie Pier
Regiane Oliveira
Eric Engelman
Gustavo Henrique
Laila Thais

“Your partnership
helped make my
dreams come true.”

Eric E.

“It's ridiculous that you’re
so far away with so many
people loving you here.”

Fernanda O.

“You always surprise me.
You've already addressed
all possible scenarios!”

Monica V.

Building up my specific knowledge

Learning unique skills from unique paths